Welcome to the temporary North West Leicestershire Netball League (NWLNL) website. The new website will be up and running shortly. In the meantime, you will find all the information you need for the start of the 2016/2017 season.


DateTimeTeams Starlings v Hounds
10.15 Diamonds v Measham
11.30 Hares v Hornettes
12.45Thundercats v Roses Roses v Ashby
10.15 Thundercats v Wildcats
11.30 Coalville v Overseal
12.45 Thorns v Swifts v Swifts
10.15Roses v Warriors
11.30Thorns v Hounds
12.45Diamonds v Hornettes v Diamonds
10.15Starlings v Hornettes
11.30Coalville v Thundercats
12.45Warriors v Wildcats
26.03.17Mothering Sunday v Swifts
10.15Coalville v Wildcats
11.30Hounds v Overseal
12.45Hares v Diamonds v Roses
10.15Ashby v Thundercats
11.30Swifts v Warriors
12.45Starlings v Overseal
16.04.17Easter v Thundercats
10.15Wildcats v Measham
11.30Hares v Starlings
30.04.17Bank Holiday Weekend Semi-final
10.15 Semi-final
11.30 Semi-final
12.45 Semi-final v Warriors
10.15Roses v Wildcats
11.30Swifts v Measham Plate Final
10.15 Cup Final
02.06.1719.00League Presentation & Ball Tournament

Throughout the season, the Committee will be emailing your Club Secretaries with news, information and any issues that arise. Please ensure you keep us updated with your Club contact details. If anyone needs to contact anyone on the Committee, please email us or contact us on Facebook.

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DateTimeTeamsScore v Hares40:25
10.15Coalville v Swifts32:25
11.30Measham v Thundercats19:52
12.45Ashby v Wildcats36:41 v Swifts45:19
10.15Coalville v Ashby24:54
11.30Hounds v Hornettes5:43
12.45Overseal v Thorns40:30 v Hornettes22:40
10.15Hounds v Diamonds19:56
11.30Coalville v Roses25:37
12.45Measham v Warriors14:36 v Diamonds25:45
10.15Thorns v Starlings27:21
11.30Coalville v Measham25:30
12.45Ashby v Roses37:33 v Ashby22:41
10.15Colaville v Warriors25:36
11.30Hounds v Hares8:63
12.45Thorns v Hornettes14:26 v Starlings11:37
10.15Hornettes v Overseal24:34
11.30Roses v Swifts44:22
12.45Wildcats v Thundercats44:29 v Warriors - R41:19
10.15Swifts v Measham - R57:31
11.30Thorns v Hares16:47
12.45Starlings v Diamonds31:47
01.01.17 Christmas Break
26.12.16 Christmas Break
19.12.16 Christmas Break v OversealR
10.15Ashby v Thundercats37:34
11.30Coalville v Wildcats18:43
12.45Swifts v MeashamR
12.45Starlings v Overseal - R41:14 v Roses25:24
10.15Coalville v Swifts28:45
11.30Hares v Diamonds30:38
12.45Ashby v Warriors53:24 v Roses56:11
10.15Ashby v Swifts54:33
11.30Hounds v Overseal16:44
12.45Warriors v Thundercats29:23 v Diamonds27:38
10.15Starlings v Hornettes24:28
11.30Measham v Wildcats13:49
12.45Coalville v Thundercats15:52 v Warriors20:23
10.15 Thundercats v Diamonds44:26
11.30 Hares v Wildcats18:65
12.45 Swifts v Measham42:28
06.11.1610.15 Starlings v Ashby20:48
10.15Warriors v RosesC
11.30 Coalville v Hornettes30:11
12.45 Hounds v Overseal16:48 v Hornettes29:30
10.15Overseal v Hares34:28
11.30Swifts v Warriors42:26
12.45Ashby v Wildcats24:28 v Roses35:22
10.15Measham v Thundercats22:64
11.30Thorns v Hounds43:10
12.45Hares v Starlings18:24 v WarriorsR
10.15Thundercats v Swifts43:28
11.30Hounds v Hornettes8:75
12.45Overseal v Thorns45:12 v Hares16:37
10.15Hounds v Diamonds11:41
11.30Coalville v Ashby23:66
12.45Measham v Warriors19:35 v Diamonds30:51
10.15Thorns v Starlings22:38
11.30Wildcats v Swifts59:19
12.45Thundercats v Roses29:30 v Ashby23:56
10.15Coalville v Warriors38:26
11.30Hounds v Hares12:56
12.45Thorns v Hornettes31:37 v Starlings7:47
10.15Hornettes v Overseal30:24
11.30Roses v Swifts23:28
12.45Wildcats v Thundercats43:30 v Measham28:26
10.15Ashby v Roses37:25
11.30Thorns v Hares18:39
12.45Starlings v Diamonds32:20


Division 1

Blaby Wildcats1010--76
Blaby Thundercats945-41.5
Swadlincote Swifts1046-36.5
Bosworth Roses1037-34

Division 2

Hinckley Hornettes1082-60
Gracedieu Diamonds972-57.5
Swadlincote Starlings963-51.5
Whitwick Hares1055-50
Bosworth Thorns1028-23
Whitwick Hounds10-10--1

Cup Matches

Round 1QF
Starlings v AshbyThorns v Swifts
Warriors v RosesThundercats v Wildcats
Coalville v HornettesCoalville v Overseal
Hounds v OversealRoses v Ashby
Thundercats v Diamonds
Hares v Wildcats
Swifts v Measham

Plate Matches

Diamonds v Measham
Starlings v Hounds
Hares v Hornettes